This healthy lush looking gem takes its name from the Greek word for claw or finger thanks to the shape and luminous white of the bands that appear within the gem. In ancient Greece, the legend said that Cupid cut the fingernails of his mother, the goddess Venus, using his famous arrow. These immortal fingernails fell from the heavens of Mount Olympus and into the Indus River where they turned to Onyx.

Deep healing radiates beneath the shiny surface of the polished Onyx stone. This gem is amazing at cutting through the noise and getting to the root of the problem. It heals old wounds, helps you to process different experiences in life, and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed as you deal with your healing journey. For those who know they have shadow work to do but want to dive in while staying safe, ready, and protected – Black Onyx has got your back.

All our jewellery pieces are carefully handmade by the artisans of India. Our demi-fine jewels are consciously produced in small batches and are 1 micron thick 18K Gold plated brass. It is made to be worn for years to come but unlike solid gold it needs a little extra care along the way to stay shiny. The chains are delicate and should be handled carefully. A jewellery care sheet and a pouch is provided to you with the order to keep your jewellery safe. Your jewellery will always arrive beautifully packed in a gift box.


  • Designed in Mumbai, India | Handcrafted in Jaipur
  • 18k Gold plated brass (thicker plating than the industry standard)
  • Consciously produced in small batches
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Ring size – 6.5
  • Gem size – 15 x 10 mm

Note – This item will take 20-25 days to deliver.

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